Frequently Asked Questions

What size job is too small or too large for you?
We are pleased to offer our services to those who need a single item as well as to those that need thousands of items.


How long does it take to complete a job?
We have structured our system to turn around jobs in a two week production cycle.  You can depend upon us to deliver any sized job in that window of time.  We realize that sometimes clients need faster turnaround time and we will do all in our power to meet their needs.  We pride ourselves on meeting commitments and we will give you a ’no later than’ commitment date when you place your order.


What services do you offer beyond embroidery?
We like to say if your name or image goes ‘in it’ or ‘on it’ we provide it.  We use many technologies to create custom solutions for our clients.   Where we cannot do the work ourselves we have business partners that will.  Let us know what you need and we will do all in our power to make sure you get the best available solution in the market.  If we cannot meet your needs we likely know someone who can and will.


Having never done business with a company like yours, how does your pricing work?
The simple answer is: quantity is the major component of our pricing.  We are happy to do single piece orders.  Discounting grows as the size of the order grows. 

Is there a set up fee?
The answer depends on what services we provide.  Though not all services have set up fees there are such fees for many of them.  For example, there is a fee to convert a corporate logo into an embroidery stitch file.  Similarly, most promotional products production jobs have set up fees as does screen printing.


What type of artwork is needed to create an embroidery stitch file of our company logo?
We can recreate logos from hardcopy or just about any electronic format image.  If the electronic image is of low resolution we may have difficulty recreating some details.  The best form of artwork for all the embellishment solutions we offer our clients is Vector Graphic Artwork.  We prefer Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator images saved as EPS files.  Please convert all text to outlines or curves (depending on what your software calls it).

If I bring you a hand drawn sketch can you create a finished product?
We always prefer electronic artwork, if possible.  The quality of artwork needed depends on what services we provide.  We will be happy to discuss each situation with you if you would please give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

What is the best way to get artwork to you?
We will be happy to accept electronic artwork off of media you bring to us (e.g. floppy disc, compact disc, thumb drives, etc.).  You can also e-mail us your artwork to

My Items:

Will you embellish items that are brought to you, or must they be purchased from you?
We will be happy to apply embroidery to any items that you bring to us (if what you desire is feasible).  Our pricing philosophy is to charge a higher rate for embroidery done on items brought to us by our clients vs. items we source for them.   Also, we can only guarantee the quality of work on items that we procure.  We will treat your items as though they are our own but we cannot be responsible for any damage caused to client provided items.

We will not print embellish (screen print, heat applied transfers, etc.) to garments brought to us.  We will apply heat transfers to client provided fabric swatches.

What garments do you sell?
We offer a very wide variety of products You can see samples of them in other parts of our web site and you can see and feel many of them in our showroom.   We can provide the general brands found in our industry (Anvil, Gildan, Hanes, Munsingwear, etc.), private label brands ( Devon and Jones, Port Authority, TriMountain, etc.), designer labels (Liz Claiborne, Tommy Hilfiger, etc,), as well as general sport and golf labels (Adidas, Antiqua Golf, Cutter and Buck, Nike, etc.).


What other items do you offer, in addition to garments?
From hand towels to golf bags we have a deep array of items that can be given as a gift or made part of a promotional program.  If you want or need something that we do not currently source we will tap our vast franchise based resources to find the perfect product.

Other Items: