Corporate Market

EmbroidMe – Fox River Valley serves all businesses from the single employee entrepreneur to global publicly traded companies. 

We help our clients express their image and market their businesses through the garments they wear and the promotional items they share.  Our typical client:

  • Wears logo attire to identify themselves and project a professional image
  • Awards employees with items we produce as part of a recognition program
  • Creates esprit de corps among groups through making them feel special about their team
  • Promotes their business through distribution of items we produce to clients and prospects
  • Stands above the crowd at trade shows because they use our services to differentiate themselves with the physical appearance they make (their garments) and the attention they attract through the unique (desired) promotional products they distribute
A sampling of the clients we serve:
  • Local and National banks that wear logo wear on casual Friday’s
  • A manufacturing company that encourages employees to wear team logo attire when hosting visitors
  • A single employee home remodeler always wears either an imprinted tee shirt or embroidered polo shirt to project his business professional image
  • A new start up business in the retail services sector has acquired and uses multiple promotional products to project their image and create brand awareness
  • A major home builder uniforms all employees in logo attire for instant recognition on the job and projection of stability to the market they serve
  • A construction products manufacturer creates embellished golf shirts that are given away at sponsored events
  • A large industrial firm creates unique logo attire to create brand recognition and projection of a strong image at industry trade shows
  • An international specialty steel manufacturer depends upon us to design and produce promotional products distributed to their clients, prospects and employees