Individual Market

EmbroidMe – Fox River Valley serves individual consumers with a vast array of products and services.   We offer a vast continuum of solutions from the simple to the complex.  From monogramming shirt cuffs and towels to designing a one of a kind “Grandmother” sweatshirt to constructing a family tree in embroidery no dream or task is out of our realm of possibility.

Our clients look to us to:

  • Personalize items they own or acquire through us
  • Create unique items that make a caring statement and will likely be ‘forever cherished’
  • Produce personalized attire and promotional products to memorialize attainment of milestones or participation in events
  • Maintain family traditions
  • Develop unique and personalized items that cannot be sourced elsewhere
A sampling of the clients we serve:
  • Businessman that wants his initials monogrammed on his shirt cuff
  • Couple that is celebrating a wedding or anniversary and uses promotional products to create favors
  • Mother that has each of her children’s names and christening dates embroidered in their family’s christening gown
  • Father that gives his proud mother a “Personalized Grandmother Sweatshirt” as a holiday gift
  • A son that had a custom hat made to recognize his 73 year old father’s very first “HOLE IN ONE”
  • An expecting couple that announces to their parents the impending arrival of a new grandchild by making a tee shirt for the first grandchild that states “I’m the big brother”
  • A friend that has a set of towels monogrammed as a special thank you gift